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Did anyone get accepted to Queen’s Con-ed program? (Arts + BEd) If so, what average do you have and what are some ECs you put down? (I applied but didn’t get accepted — yet??) What are my chances of getting in if I currently have an 87% average and my ECs are mediocre. Also, does anybody know what day of the week queen’s usually sends out offers/how often?

My grade 12 average is only an 87% (I have 6 gr12 courses already completed)… and my extracurriculars (to me) are not anything special since I feel like everybody else has the same EC’s as me AND MORE! The EC’s I put down are:
  • swim instructor
  • lifeguard
  • piano
  • violin
  • competitive swimmer (5 years)
  • swim instructor volunteer (for kids with special needs)
  • high school swim team
  • volunteer recognition award for city (volunteering 70+ hours in a year I think?)
    • i’ve volunteered over 150+ hours as swim instructor volunteer
  • swim meet timer (50 hours?)
Please do not be afraid to be blunt with your opinion if I’d get accepted or not! I really need the honesty! Thank you all in advance!!

6 Answers

  1. I mean, there’s like three more months left for them to hand out admission offers…just because you don’t receive a response right away, that doesn’t mean you’ll rejected.

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