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Depressed about my marks (do I have a chance at uottawa?)

Hey guys,

Over the past month I’ve been stressing out over my marks,  I really don’t know what to do at this point, it would devastate my parents if I don’t get accepted to uottawa.

What are my chances of going into uOttawas joint honours in computer science/mathematics program with these marks:

ENG4U: 66 (second time taken, first was failed at summer school, I suck at english)
FSF4U: 65 (I suck at french too)
MCV4U: 85
MHF4U: 87
MDM4U: 80
ICS4U: 90

As you can see, I SUCK A** at english/french, am okay at math and computer science and its why I chose to pursue this field.

Will uOttawa only calculate my top 6 average which is 79, or will they look at that crappy english mark and not accept me? 

This will sound retarded LOL but is it possible to take a course (english) for a third time? What are my options guys?

3 Answers

  1. Ottawa doesn't state a minimum grade for English so you are ok there but I think your biggest issue is going to be your overall average. 79% might be too low as they state a cut off of low 80's.
    While English is a mandatory course, if you knew that you weren't good at French why did you take it? Also you only list 6 courses. It would have been a good idea to take 7 courses to have an alternative course to bump up your top 6 instead of using your French mark. How is it that you already have 6 marks? Did you fast track or are you non-semestered?
    Is it possible for you to add another course for 2nd semester to help boost your overall top 6? It doesn't even have to be a U level course. It could be M level.

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  2. Hi! Don't worry, just add one course for the second semester. Also, I think this website can be helpful for you.

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  3. you should be fine cause i’ve heard that UOttawa takes your six highest marks and it doesn’t have to be mandatory. I’m not sure if that only applies to some programs though.

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