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Depressed about my marks (do I have a chance at uottawa?)

Hey guys,

Over the past month I’ve been stressing out over my marks,  I really don’t know what to do at this point, it would devastate my parents if I don’t get accepted to uottawa.
What are my chances of going into uOttawas joint honours in computer science/mathematics program with these marks:
ENG4U: 66 (second time taken, first was failed at summer school, I suck at english)
FSF4U: 65 (I suck at french too)
MCV4U: 85
MHF4U: 87
MDM4U: 80
ICS4U: 90
As you can see, I SUCK A** at english/french, am okay at math and computer science and its why I chose to pursue this field.
Will uOttawa only calculate my top 6 average which is 79, or will they look at that crappy english mark and not accept me? 
This will sound retarded LOL but is it possible to take a course (english) for a third time? What are my options guys?

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  1. Hi! Don't worry, just add one course for the second semester. Also, I think this website can be helpful for you.

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  2. Ottawa doesn't state a minimum grade for English so you are ok there but I think your biggest issue is going to be your overall average. 79% might be too low as they state a cut off of low 80's.
    While English is a mandatory course, if you knew that you weren't good at French why did you take it? Also you only list 6 courses. It would have been a good idea to take 7 courses to have an alternative course to bump up your top 6 instead of using your French mark. How is it that you already have 6 marks? Did you fast track or are you non-semestered?
    Is it possible for you to add another course for 2nd semester to help boost your overall top 6? It doesn't even have to be a U level course. It could be M level.

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