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damn anyone else on the queen’s waitlist for health sciences?

so i got waitlisted to queens health sci today… i did not expect that cuz i got into western med sci, ubc Vancouver bachelor of sci, mac life sci and was waitlisted for mac health sci so ye… anyone know anything about how big the waitlist is?

3 Answers

  1. Also got into the waitlist. From what I know of for courses in Queens BHSc, the waitlist is usually 10% of the population (so should be 17 people if 170 people are to be enrolled this year). However, this info I found was for people already in the BHSc program, not for applicants. I can’t imagine the number is too large.

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  2. It’s a relatively new program at Queen’s so there’s probably fewer seats than the normal BSc program, so keep that in mind.

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