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Dalhousie or Guelph or Carleton for CS

Hello, I am currently a computer science student outside of Canada and I applied to Dalhousie, Carleton and Guelph for the same program and I have already got offers from Carleton and Dalhousie. So please list to me what pros and cons you think I shall consider for each choice, I haven’t been to Canada before so I don’t know a lot about life in Guelph, Ottawa or Halifax. However, I have some friends and relatives living near Guelph so that’s an advantage for me, and Guelph’s fees are much cheaper than Carleton’s, I’ll also be living on Campus next year so I’d like to know how the residence is in each of these unis, I don’t know other factors to base my decision on since I don’t think the rankings matter at all, so please tell me your opinions . Thanks in advance,

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