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Course Selection Grade 12

I’m currently in Grade 11 and planning on attending McMaster Life Sciences (with the goal of entering the Honors Neuroscience pathway), McMaster Health Sciences, or an undergraduate program pertaining to economics. My current plans for Grade 12 courses are as follows: Chemistry (enriched), Biology (enriched), Calculus (AP), English (enriched), French, Economics (AP), Finance, and a spare. Does my choice of classes align with my ambitions? If I were to not take a spare or Finance, I would take Kinesiology, World Issues or World History From the 15th Century. Would any of those be a wiser choice? I’m curious as to how useful and interesting Kinesiology would be in addition to whether or not I will be getting enough essay writing practice during twelfth grade. *I’m taking AP Advanced Functions this semester, and thus it won’t be included in my Grade 12 Course Selection.

2 Answers

  1. Dude, you can look up the course prerequisites for all your desired programs on the university websites. You can then tailor your course schedule around taking those classes to ensure that you’ll be eligible once it’s time to apply. Electives are just gravy or to fulfill any outstanding OSSD requirements.

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  2. Take whatever you’re interested in. I think all the courses you have listed meet the requirements but double-check. I haven’t taken Kinesiology but I have heard that it is a lot of memorization and it is content heavy. No essay writing. If you’re into that, then take it. If you want more essay writing practice, take a different course.

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