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Convince teacher to boost mark?

So, I am taking grade 12 physics in summer school. My teacher is really nice, and helps us alot outside of class meetings, stuff like that. Now, my mark is at a 88.4. How can I convince him to boost me to a 90? What are some points I should state?

2 Answers

  1. Ask him nicely and justify it by saying you need it for university. If he says no, ask if he can boost it after completing an assignment for extra credit.

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  2. You can speak to him and show how you worked on a particular project and how you managed your time. You can even buy a notebook, something like this, and make some notes to show that it was a serious process for you and you have used all possible ways to keep the important information not only using the PC or internet. Just during the conversation show some of your thought on a particular question in your address book and you will be on the winning position. It is from my experience. It works.

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