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Continuing Studies at Emily Carr

I strongly advise individuals seeking art classes and art instruction to consider local colleges other than Emily Carr especially if you fit into the mature “Eurocentric” category.  

The introductory classes are effective in teaching art technique skills; however, the more advanced courses provide little instruction on technique skills and the non-studio classes are taught with hyper-focused agendas that do not address all social, cultural, political and economical issues.  Many of the continuing education instructors are very disorganized and do not respond to email correspondence.  

In addition, Emily Carr advocates to save the library as a public space and this “public space” is actually a hub for social discourse rather than an environment allowing one to research and process thoughts.   Staff are particular guilty of being the loudest individuals.  It’s difficult to find a quiet space to research and write papers.  

The library has an extensive collection and it’s disheartening to see students eat food while perusing an art book with colour plates from the 1800’s.

I urge continuing studies students to spend their “art making dollars”  elsewhere.

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  1. Lol, no rationally sane person would ever enrol in one of those bum fine art programs unless they were trust fund babies and had nothing better to do with their time.

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