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Confused about grade 11 courses!!

Hi, so basically I’m in grade 10 in Ontario and I have to get my courses in by Jan 17. I want to get into UofT for International Relations and so far the courses I’ve chosen are 
 English U 
Functions U 
 Religion M (catholic school) 
 French U 
 Law M 
 Economics M 
 Intro to Anthropology, sociology and psychology U 
 Presentation and Speaking skills O (I think it’ll help with becoming a better presenter and seems easy) 
 But I’m kind of confused as to whether I should take biology and chemistry instead of economics and presentation/speaking skills because although I’m pretty sure I won’t study science in the future I want to keep my options open 

 However science is my lowest mark right now because I’m not that good at it. I have an 86% in science right now which doesn’t seem that bad but I’m putting so much effort into studying it and I’m still not doing that well

 I really want to keep economics cuz I think I would enjoy it, so should I drop presentation skills and just take biology? If I were to do science I’d probably go into healthcare

 I’m clearly really lost and any help would be greatly appreciated… 

5 Answers

  1. A few quick points. I'm an arts graduate and a lawyer. 
    Don't close doors prematurely. You're way too young to be doing that. Only Gr.12 marks matter and you can change career track any time, so you want to have Gr.11 sciences. People go into university science programs with 70s in high school sciences, so not sure why you think an 86%, which is an "A" isn't a good mark. I'd say you weren't that good in sciences if you were getting 50s, 60s, and 70s, but an 86? I know people with mid 80s in high school sciences that are doctors now. 
    What do you want to do an arts degree? What are your career plans with an IR degree? If you want to go to law school, know that you can get into law school with any degree from any school, and if you don't get into law school, degrees like IR don't have good fallback options. A lot of people consider them to be useless degrees in the job market, and I tend to agree. You need to know what you want to get out of it.
    Only Gr.12 English matters for social science and humanities programs. All you need is low-mid 80s for U of T social sciences, mid 70s will get you into the UTSC and UTM campuses.

    You can research admissions averages and programs here.

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  2. If you truly want to keep your options open, then yes take Biology and Chemistry. 86% in science is a good mark. Don't be swayed by thinking you need a 90% average in everything to get into a good program. I understand that it's taking a lot of effort on your part, but taking it in grade 11 can really give you a better sense if science is a path you really want to pursue in the future or if IR or something similar is really a better fit for your interests and talents. You don't have to worry about your science marks bringing down your average. Grade 11 marks don't matter for university admissions, only your grade 12 marks so really all you have to do is pass them. Grade 11 is really the last chance you have to take a course without worrying about marks. If you find that you're really struggling with the material or it's not as interesting as you thought, then you'll know a career in sciences is not for you and you won't need to continue with Bio & Chem in grade 12.

    With regards to Economics you'll have to decide which you find more interesting, it or Intro to Anthro/Soc/Psych or Law. Your other alternative is to take it in summer school or take it as an elective in university. That's one of the downsides of attending a Catholic school since your mandatory religion credit takes up an elective spot.

    Presentation and Speaking Skills does sound like a valuable class but you could maybe consider joining something like DECA/HOSA/Toastmasters/TED Talks/Model UN clubs if your school offers any of those which can also help develop those skills.


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