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Conditional Offers (Please help!)

Hi everyone,   I am a grade 12 student who needs some help deciding which offer to accept for University. Here they are:
  • University of Calgary business program/degree with a minor in Architectural studies.
  • University of Toronto Architectural Studies program/degree with a minor in business.
I am unsure which offer to accept. I am from Alberta, meaning my tuition at the UofC is about $ 8,000 per year since I live with my parents. My tuition at the University of Toronto would be about $28,000 per year including tuition, residence, and other living expenses)… However, the University of Toronto is the number 1 university in Canada…. What offer would you pick? I am so confused… Please help!     Thanks!

2 Answers

  1. You realize that those are two different programs, right? You’re comparing business to architecture, two remotely different fields.

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  2. As hz said you’ve applied to two different programs. There is quite a significant difference between majoring in something or having a minor in it. I don’t know which program you are more interested in so it’s hard to tell you which program to choose.

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