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Computer Science – High Average, Bad Math Grades

Hi, I’m currently a senior in high school, and I’m so scared, because I really do suck at math.

In all the classes I have, I’m pretty sure I will get mid/high 90’s. But I don’t know how I’ll do in math. I got an 81 in grade 11, and that’s because my teacher really boosted me. I think if I try super hard, I can manage like an 85 in Advanced Functions, maybe an 80 in Calculus. 

I’m in a lot of ECs and am generally super involved.

What are the chances of me getting into a Computer Science program? I want to go to UTSG or maybe UTM but am I dreaming too high? What about Waterloo, York, Ryerson, and McGill? 

Please let me know, I’m scared

8 Answers

  1. You should be scared. You sound delusional right now. Computer science is a math intensive program, so even if you do get accepted you probably won't make it past the first year. Why do you want to go into comp sci if you suck at math? Find another career path that interests you AND you can actually do. Getting in is the easy part. You don't want to be another one of those kids that drops out or switches programs, do you?

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  2. Once you get into university math it becomes more like a puzzles, there is no such thing as mastering you can see phd students still working on abstract algebra(Proofs) problems Like the abc conjecture that took 500 pages To solve!!!

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  3. Lol, comp sci drop out rates are like 50% for a reason. So many naive high schoolers thinking they can code HL3 end up getting a nice reality check in the form of an academic probation letter. Don't go into a program like this unless you're a Fobby STEM nerd that can do calculus in their sleep.

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  4. You likely won't survive a university comp sci degree. You don't need to get a degree in computer science to continue advancing your interests in this area. You're better off doing a minor in it instead. Your math marks are not good enough for you to perform well in a university standard computer science program. High school comp sci is an absolute joke to what you will be learning in university, so this is not the metric you should be using. There is a reason that high school computer science is not a prerequisite for any of these programs, but math is. 
    Are your mid-high 90s in all bird courses? Again, this also doesn't tell you much about your intelligence and academic capabilities. Don't rest on the fact that you have a 95 in some useless family studies courses. What do you have in English, math, and science (if you're taking any)? The rest don't matter and are not indicative of how you will perform in university.
    You can get into York computer science with low 80s, but the program has a 50-55% dropout rate in first year. There is a reason for this. Students like you who should probably not be going into a computer science program, do, and they are the first to go. 

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