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Computer Science EC’s or Co-Op

I am aiming to get into a computer science program, preferably at Waterloo, so I want to try an improve my Extracurriculars’.  I live in Toronto and planning for highschool co-op, is there any place that would offer a placement in what im looking for, whether available for highschool co-op or not.

1 Answer

  1. No, it’s a bad idea to be spending your day school schedule doing co-op if your goal is to go to university because that would take away your opportunity to take the required courses for the program. Also, EC’s aren’t really as important as grades, and not every program/school will even look at them. Employers won’t be inclined to take a kid with less than a high school diploma for a comp sci job, they just don’t have the appropriate skills to contribute, Co-op is meant for people that intend on entering the workforce directly after high school.

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