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Computer engineering at uOttawa vs undeclared engineering at Ryerson

I was admitted into uOttawa for computer engineering and Ryerson university for undeclared engineering, and I need some help in choosing a university to attend.  
  • Pros for uOttawa computer engineering: 
  • co-op is better than Ryerson (more government co-op as well)
  • I will be get a degree in computer engineering if I manage to pass everything
  • world ranking is higher (not very important to me, important to parents)
  • if i want to switch engineering majors, the gpa requirement is not too high
  • Cons for uOttawa computer engineering
  • it will be more expensive due to housing expenses
  • I do not have as many options in year 2 in comparison to Ryerson undeclared engineering
  • Pros for Ryerson undeclared engineering
  • More choices for which engineering to go into in Year 2
  • Cheaper due to no housing expenses
  • I may have friends from high school in both Ryerson and U of T (St. George)
  • Cons for Ryerson undeclared engineering
  • I may not get into my engineering field of choice in year 2 due to how undeclared engineering works
  • the world ranking is not as high as uOttawa (again, parent’s preference)
  • co-op is somewhat worse than at uOttawa
  Thank you for any help.    

5 Answers

  1. sorry guys idk what happened to formatting, it looked all good when editing and creating

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  2. I mean, I wouldn’t pay for housing and board just to go to uOttawa, so unless money is not a big concern, just go to Rye. They’re both accredited programs and neither schools are known for engineering, so reputation is largely irrelevant here.

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  3. Comp eng is highly in demand – probably one of the best engineering degrees you can do now – and Ottawa has the second best co-op program after Waterloo in Ontario (U of T PEY is good too but it is structured differently). You should definitely take this over Ryerson. Co-op matters a lot for a program like engineering. Reputation wise, after Waterloo and U of T, most people will not care which school you went to in Ontario.

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