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Computer Engineering

What are the 2 best choices for an undergraduate computer Engineering program:
McMaster University 
Ryerson University 
University of Ottawa
Any other universities which anyone can recommend?

4 Answers

  1. U of T and Waterloo are the best engineering schools in Canada. UBC and McGill are probably competitive as well.
    After U of T and Waterloo, very few people care where you went for a computer engineering degree. Mac, Ryerson, Ottawa and Queen's are all fine, but they don't come to the level of UT and Loo. I'm a electrical engineering student at Queen's right now and it's a good school, but again, the job prospects coming out are the same as someone who went to UOIT or Calgary. To most employers, they don't care where you went for engineering if it's not Loo and U of T. 

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  2. I think Waterloo has good Computer Engineering? (I'm not sure though). Maybe check that out. But Waterloo I think can be competitive for engineering.

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  3. First of all you’ll have to look for faculties and students’ feedback on them. Another thing is the stack you’re interested in. So that you’ll focus on studying not questioning its quality. For example, my friends who are flutter developers graduated University of Ottawa once. They are contented with it.

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