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Community Music at WLU?

Hi, I’m applying into the community music program at WLU. It’s a new music program that allows you to get a Bachelor of Music without the same amount of rigorous music training, and allowing you to explore music in a way totally different to any other program in the country. I would like to then transfer into music therapy after two years. Is anybody else considering this program, or any music programs at all? Also, anybody who goes to school in Waterloo, pros and cons?  I would love to get your feedback! Super excited to start applying to Universities!

3 Answers

  1. You should contact people who have done music degrees and ask them for their opinion on this. Try LinkedIn search.

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  2. OP, this with come in very useful while you jam out to Kumbaya on your guitar when you embark on your career as a professional busker.

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  3. Hi!! I'm SO happy someone posted about this! I'm debating between Community Music and the regular Bachelor of Music program with the intentions of majoring in Music Education (I would like to become an OCT certified teacher with a school board).  I don't know how the transfer process to music therapy works however on the site description it states "Pathways to the Bachelor of Music Therapy are available." Hope that helps!!! 😀

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