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Commerce – Which one ? *CEGEP student

Hello everyone! Unlike everyone else here I am a CEGEP student (with an average if 93%). Il believe my average will be the same (+|- 1%) after this semester. For info, my R-score is 33. I applied to University of Ottawa for the upcoming semester at Telfer (Marketing Co-op). I was told that I am not eligible for direct admission into the Co-operative Education Program… because they offered me advanced standing (15 units). I believe that I could be eligible, but due to the current situation it would take a while.   I heard U of O isn’t a great school – at least for commerce. I was wondering if you could help me. Should I wait one (more) semester and apply to Toronto, Queen’s University, York, Western University or even McMaster? Which one is better? Please be honest… *For either Marketing or HR Thanks!

2 Answers

  1. For business school, reputation matters. And yeah, uOttawa isn’t the best. I would aim for Queen’s/UWO first and York/U of T second.

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  2. Hello, Man! It is so exciting that you want to study on such hard university program. I believe that you will solve your troubles and you will enter the program that you want and you’ll become a nice marketer. By the way, marketing consists of different kinds of advertisement and promotion. One of its parts is outdoor signs. Maybe, someone, you’ll make a business or if you’ll work with such constructions I recommend you to work with Fortuna visual group that is working in this sphere. I think that info on their site can help you in your studying.

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