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Commerce or Politics??

Hey everyone! Here are some of my grades (U level)
3U English – 91
3U French 90 
3U Law – 92
3U Anthro – 99
3U Functions – 80 (didn’t take it seriously enough at all :()
3U Religion – 91
Live fit – 92
3U history – 96
My grades this year are looking to be around the same however most likely around low 80s in math as I’m taking it seriously and getting mid 80s right now, my courses this year are
4U English 
4U religion 
4U law
4U History
4U Calc & Vec
4U functions
4U French 
4U economics 

I want to go to law school but don’t want to be stuck with little job opportunities if I don’t get in so I’m looking at the international management program at Uottawa in French immersion, however I love Montreal and McGill and am also thinking about a political science degree from McGill as I don’t think I’ll have the grades for Desautel, which is the wiser decision: commerce at Uottawa in French immersion, or Political Science with a minor in languages from McGill? Again, law school is the ultimate goal 🙂 if you have any insights or other programs I should look into let me know !! Thanks 🙂

3 Answers

  1. A politics degree will help your bullshitting skills. You'll need a lot of that to become a successful attorney.

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  2. You can go to law school with any degree. Anything can change 5 years down the road. It's safer to study commerce and if you still want to go to law school have that as an option down the road. 90% of people who graduate with a pol sci degree are not actually working in politics. To get into politics you need connections and a lot of networking. It's as simple as that. If you're in school to make a career then honestly go into a more employable program. Fully banking on law school is not a good idea. Do political science if you actually have a clear idea of what you are going to do with it afterward.

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