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Cleaning nearby houses

My friends and I have come up with an idea to help some of the old couples living nearby our houses. We are cleaning their houses for free. We thought of renting a garbage bin ( so that disposing waste is easier. Do you know what size bin we should rent to clean 3 houses? 

6 Answers

  1. The prices are listed directly on the website page you linked above in your post…

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  2. Lol, why would you bother doing that? You realize that if you wanted the volunteer experience, you could just fake it easily, right? Also, those seniors will most likely pay for one of those topless maid cleaning services anyway since they likely aren't getting much action at home.

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  3. You are a very kind person! Cleaning three houses is very hard labour and many people prefer to buy robot cleaners because it is very convenient and in some cases, this is a necessity. Personally, I have a dog and we all understand that its hair is constantly on the floor. So, I read recommendations by Cleanup Expert to buy a special cleaner for my purposes.

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  4. OK, it’s all clear about cleaning nearby houses but what about the garbage we produce at home? I want to find out more about garbage disposals because I’m not that good at it. How do you separate your household waste? Share your experience. I think it will be useful for everyone.

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  5. Hi! This is a very noble cause. A couple of years ago, I was helping a granny next door with a renovation. Of course I was able to do most of the work, but I had problems with the one particular window. That’s why I found an ad for window glass repair near you on the internet. These guys quickly arrived at the address to repair the window glass in living room. Fast n cheap.

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