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Class of 2016 planning to go into arts or music programs:

Why? Are there even any job opportunities with arts or music degrees? Not to be rude, honestly. I feel like there is no point to university unless you’re going for any psychology, law, business, nursing, doctor,dentistry (any health sciences/life sci etc), social work, teaching, therapy programs, you know.. professional ones that gear you towards specific professions and jobs. Why waste SO much money for arts or music program when you can just skip uni altogether and use that money that would be going towards uni for travelling?

7 Answers

  1. Your logic is highly flawed. How is arts and music any more useless than life science/ psychology/ health science? I would argue that those who excel in music can go far with their gifts.
    law, dentistry, doctor… I hope you know that these are professional programs with less than 10% acceptance rates. You can't apply to any of these programs straight out of high school. You still have to do an undergrad. Can't you do an arts or music degree and still go into law, dentistry and medicine (note: the answer to this is yes, I know people who have done so).
    What jobs do you think there are in teaching?! They closed down teacher's colleges all over Ontario (U of T, Queen's, Laurier, Nipissing) because there are no jobs for teaching, not even supply teaching.
    Thousands of people in business. You honestly think there are enough jobs for everyone? Unless one goes into a coop program, makes serious connections or graduates top of their program, they won't be doing a whole lot with a business degree.
    Now to my biggest pet peeve. Life science, health science, psychology, etc. are NOT the same thing as medicine or dentistry. Your degree is useless if you don't get into medicine or dentistry, and most people do not get in.
    -Graduated from Mac life sciences. My degree is useless right now. GPA not high enough for med, so looking into masters options.

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  2. A number of people who go into arts programs use their undergrad as a stepping stone to grad school.

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  3. I agree, I go to a school with an arts program and so many people are planning to go to university for dance/drama/art but none of them have thought about what kinds of jobs they expect to get with those degrees. I'm not saying that everyone has to go into STEM but there are more useful degrees than drama and dance

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    • I know more satisfied people from drama and dance than I do from regular BA and BSc programs. Not sure why drama and dance is being bashed here, because generally the people who go into them are passionate about it, get a lot of experience and go on to perform broadway, Hollywood, stage theater, etc. They are most likely NOT in it for the money like most academic students here on yconic (me being among them).
      Dance and drama are not theoretical disciplines. I would not group them with regular BA and BSc degrees. And science is not useful at all if one doesn't get into professional school.

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  4. No offense but it's a bit rude how you're bashing people who go into arts programs. There's actually a lot of opportunities for careers in artistic fields for film/TV and advertising especially. Many require connections you would not normally be able to find on your own. It's also a great life experience going to college/university despite what it's for.

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