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Basically I applied to 3 programs at Wilfrid Laurier:
  1. BBA (Business Administration)
  2. BBA + Finance (Double-Degree) at Laurier
  3. Kinesiology
I put kinesiology as a program, and I now realize that I don’t want to do it. Anyhoo, am I able to change my choice, and put in another program? I already scanned the OUAC website and FAQ page, so I’m just confused if I have to pay again to replace my choice after withdrawing it? I’m thinking of replacing kinesiology with the neuroscience program. PLEASE don’t ask why I’m applying to business and science programs. I’m still deciding which field to go into, I just want to keep my options open right now. Thanks 🙂

2 Answers

  1. It doesn’t matter. Kin and neurosci at the undergrad level are both unemployable programs. You need to pursue further schooling to make anything out of them. I’d get a BBA if I were looking to enter the job market after graduating.

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  2. I would contact the admission department in the school and ask for advice right away.

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