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Chances of Getting into UBC Arts?

Hey everyone, I’m a grade 11 student going into grade 12 in September and am planning to apply to UBC. However, I just received my grades and I’m not sure if it’s sufficient enough for entry. My dream is to go into the faculty of Arts to study psychology, can anyone tell me if you think I have a chance so far or how to increase my chances? Courses completed so far: English 11-94 French 11-99 Biology 11-98 Chemistry 11-97 Pre-calculus 11-89 Psychology 11-98 Graphic Arts 11-95 Marketing 11-99 Biology 12-91 French 12-99 Also, what would be the 3 core subjects (+English) UBC Arts would look at? I’m mostly scared my biology 12 or pre cal 11 mark will be included as it’s my lowest. Thank you and I appreciate any help!

3 Answers

  1. Why are you taking all those math and science courses if your intention is to study psych? I mean, some bio and stats might help, but chem?

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  2. Check the website and see what are the prerequisites. But you should be fine, your average is like a 97 so stop stressing. Most likely the prerequisites for Psychology is probably just English.

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