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Chances of getting into competitive university programs Canada

Just got my IB results back (in grade 11, going to grade 12) and I got a 6 in SL math and 5 in SL chem. Are these scores acceptable for competitive programs such as queens commerce, western ivey and mcmaster health/life science. My other predicted marks are in the same range from 5-7. Is it possible for me to have a chance to get in? My extracurriculars are pretty good so not worried about those. Primarily concerned about my 5 in chemistry. Thanks

1 Answer

  1. Mac will be your hardest program grade-wise. For IB, they need six subjects, including program requirements with 3 at the Higher Level (HL) and 3 at the Standard Level (SL).

    – English
    – One of Math (HL), Math (SL), Math Studies
    – Biology
    – Chemistry

    Your HL advanced credits must have a minimum score of 5.

    A minimum of 36 is required for consideration.

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