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Chances for Waterloo CS?

Please chance me for Waterloo CS (and UofT CS). Thanks!
  • Predicted Top 6 Avg: 96.5-97
  • Did avg on CCC, pretty bad on Euclid
  • Played <sport> for 8 years, competing at provincial and national level, won numerous provincial titles
  • Summer internship doing web dev
  • President at youth organization (runs tech events)
  • Exec in STEM Club, VP in Computer Science Club
  • President of an organization that runs web dev workshops
  • Ambassador of business organization
  • Marketing exec of STEM organization
  • School math tutor
  • Private math tutor
  • <sport> coach during summer
  • A few hackathon wins
Any tips will be greatly appreciated as well!    

4 Answers

  1. Nice no so humble brag. A near perfect 100% average and extensive ECs. Do you need to ask this question from random internet strangers? No one here is on the admissions committee.

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