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Chances at nursing

Hey guys, I need some feedback basically I’m in grade twelve  this year and I’m starting to apply for universities. So my average for term one is currently 76.4, will I have a chance at Ryerson, Ucalgary, UAlberta, of York nursing? Any advice or feedback will be appreciated.

9 Answers

  1. There’s a reason that most nursing programs are so highly competitive. Do you really think that a journeyman high schooler who achieved a bunch of B’s should be permitted to work as a healthcare professional where they’re responsible for making life-altering decisions?

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    • I hope you have made a new year’s resolution, to be mindful of what you write on this website. Honestly, I’m telling, you gotta change your rowdy attitude. I know I can’t stop you from doing this. But, please be mindful of what you write. Many people go through many different life problems, ex. Depression, Abuse, Disputes between Parents, and so on, which affects their marks. You can’t assume, that people have low marks, cuz they not trying hard. Sometimes, that’s not the case.

      I hope you read this message, and take a driller and drill this info right into your cerebral cortex.

      Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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      • Lol, there’s nothing “rowdy” about telling the truth. I’d rather tell high schoolers as it is and save them the long-term grief than to lie to their face just so I could protect their feelings in the short-term. Sure, everyone has their personal problems, but that’s life. You can’t go around making silly excuses for every little thing as if your employer is going to cater to your every issue when that’s not how the real world operates. Also, not everyone can become a nurse, even if they’re studying 24/7 and putting every ounce of their energy into getting admitted. There are real world differences in intelligence to weed out those that are incapable of meeting a certain standard. This is why competitive averages exist. Would you want a healthcare professional to be diagnosing or treating an ailment of yours when they barely scraped by in school?

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        • Yes, u can tell the truth to people, but the way you tell is actually bit weird but more arrogant. Look at the way I messaged Stephanie below. That’s the right way, so the person doesn’t feel more offended and more stressed than they are facing currently. Yes, I get it, that a person who barely scraped high school prolly can’t diagnose or treat a person properly. But, with help, training, and doing the New Grad Initiative, a person can give care better. Even a person who barely scraped high school, can do this program, so that they can give better treatment to patients.

          The New Grad Initiative consists Of
          • A comprehensive two-week blended orientation program consisting of classroom, e learning, and hands-on learning
          • A competency based learning pathway and learning plan suited to meet the nurse’s learning needs
          • A minimum of 3 months of preceptored shift on various units to support the transition of the new graduate nurse with independent practice
          • Regular check-ins and mentorship with the Advanced Practice Clinical Educator
          Read the testimonials at the bottom of the page:

          So ye, ppl who barely scraped high school, can still learn to give good treatment, as they are taught how to give care to ppl, in simulation labs, orientation, training, NGI (mentioned above).
          Hopefully you kinda see what I’m trying to mean.
          Take care,

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    • Lol you’re just a troll why are you answering so many questions from people? Your help isn’t needed because your responses are more like the opposite of help. Go hit the road, 9-year-old ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  2. Hello Stephanie,
    Sorry @hzll0 if ur seeing this. But, Stephanie, please don’t listen to what that person was saying. He is not having the common sense to think, that sometimes people may have some problems in life, where things just don’t go right, which can affect their grades. Its not like, I’m saying that u have problems in life. I don’t know, and nor do I want to know. I see that u have a 76.4. I’m kind of sad to say that, none of the above universities you mentioned would consider your application, because nursing is very very competitive. I would rather advice you to think of a plan B and apply to a different program, ex. Ryerson’s Business Tech. They take ppl having 80 averages. And here, you have a chance to improve to a 80 average. I’m also applying to Ryerson’s nursing, btw.
    If you really want to do nursing, then you have options like University of Windsor, Nippising University, Lakehead University, Laurentian University (all are in Ontario), they accept marks like urs, as not many people apply to those universities for nursing. I’m telling this, so that you don’t waste your money and time thinking of getting into nursing in one of the universities you mentioned above. As 76.4 is considered a low average.
    Hope this helps. Wish you good luck, and Happy New Year!

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