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Chance of being accepted into Guelph for music

So first I would like to say that my last year marks were not the best averaging around a 71% overall which was really improved on for grade twelve. at the moment I stand with an 81% overall. why I made this post is that it is the beginning of April and I still haven’t heard from them, my school friend had a 78 avg and made it in for business so I am confused to why I haven’t heard anything.

my marks so far:
english: 80%
Architecture: 87%
history: 75%

my midterm projected marks:

interior design: 85
foods: 90

my mids terms will no doubt bring the avg up but I still feel uneasy about not hearing anything.

if anyone can reply it will be a huge help in my mindset 

Has any one got in for it yet?


6 Answers

  1. Lol, it's music, bro. They obviously want to hear an audition from you, and if you don't have the pipes of an opera singer, just save yourself the grief and quit now.

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  2. The admissions average on einfo says 76-80%. You claim to be above that cutoff. So, what are you hoping to hear from anons on the Internet? We don't have any special knowledge of the admissions process any more than you do.

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