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Chance at Ivey / Queens Commerce / McGill IM ?

Currently grade 11 but I’ll share what I’m looking like now. Average 93, I think I can get it to a 95-96 grade 12. —————————– ECs: Have worked with special needs children part time during school and full time during the summers for 2 years. Founder of investment society at high school. Made to DECA provincials. Head of sales at web development startup, brought thousands of dollars of revenue to company and restructured pricing and fees to maximize sales. Volunteer at baseball program for children with special needs and disabilities.

2 Answers

  1. Too pre-mature, dude. Wait until you at least have first term grade 12 marks on paper. Everything else is pure speculation at this point.

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  2. You’re doing all the right things – for Queen’s and Ivey your average is good where it is, so you will mostly need to make sure your essays are unique and memorable.

    Your extra-curricular experiences sound solid – check out as they help students with the essay part of the application and have a 92% acceptance rate.

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