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Carleton vs uOttawa

Hi, I applied to Carleton (International Business, BIB, and Journalism) and uOttawa (Marketing and International Management), and have so far been accepted to UO with a 4,000$ admission scholarship. I am just really unsure about which school to choose. I am now mainly hesitating between journalism, international business, and international management. I know that as a general rule, Telfer is better than Sprott, and that CU J-school is reputed. I am pretty bad at math, so I would love to know more details about how hard the math courses are at all the business programs mentioned above, as I am guessing there are not as many/not as difficult as in finance or accounting etc ones. I would also like to know a few details about the difference between campuses just generally. I will be living at home either way, so any advice about that… I am having a really hard time deciding between business or journalism, as well as between the two schools. It is so much so that I am considering taking a gap year to think about it, it is mind-torturing. Thank you in advance for any and all advice and tips.

3 Answers

  1. Don’t worry too much about it. You still have until end of May to make your decision.

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  2. UO is in downtown while Carleton is far from civilization, there are more stores and things to do in the uottawa campus, the uottawa campus is relatively condensed and easier to walk between classes. I would rather study in uottawa than Carleton. But it is up to you. Good luck in your decision. Math is not that difficult in uottawa. Doing pratice tests that the prof provide will help you do good.

    Carleton has a vast underground connection between the classes and residences,

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