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Carleton vs U of T Architecture?

So far I’ve received 2 offers (deadline for both is on May 1st) from Carleton (design stream) and U of T respectively. I think I’m going to accept one first if I don’t hear back from Ryerson/Waterloo in the next few days. I’m struggling to choose between my 2 offers so hopefully I can get some opinions and ideas!! (I have guaranteed residence for both schools and will not commute)

Pros of Carleton:
– More studio-based classes (I can handle theory/science based lessons but my passion and the main reason for choosing architecture is art – I really enjoy drawing and painting)
– I’ve been to their architecture summer school so I am more familiar with the studios (I think they’re not bad and quite artsy – but I haven’t compared this to any studios at other schools)
– 4000 CAD annual scholarship, renewable for 4 years, which is quite a bit of money, even though tuition is not really a priority/concern

Cons of Carleton:
– I prefer Toronto over Ottawa; the latter is a very scenic city but I dont see myself living there for a long time + I’m much less familiar to ottawa since ive only been there once or twice
–  The ranking of programmes other than architecture – if i end up dropping out of the arch programme and want to switch over to another one, U of T is generally higher up in the rankings
– Really far away from home – even though I don’t permanently live in Canada, I have a 2nd home & relatives in the York region so living in Ottawa would make it more inconvenient to travel back there for the holiday seasons

Pros of U of T:
– New building – acceptance letter says that we will get to study in the new building, not sure if this means newer facilities & classes etc
– Closer to home – takes 2 hours max to travel home via TTC & car (vs 8-9 hours minimum for carleton)
– Likely better opportunities if I ultimately decide that Arch is not for me (I would like to think that I will stick with architecture, but from what I have heard, many do choose to drop out bc it’s a rigorous programme)
– I prefer Toronto as a city – the pace and pattern of living is more suited to what I am used to, and I can see myself living there in the future

Cons of U of T:
– No scholarships
– From what I have heard, more theory based lessons (I enjoy practical/arts based classes more)

Any opinions/input would be appreciated! thanks!

4 Answers

  1. Hey, I am in the same position of deciding between these schools. Here are some of my pros and cons (everyones different so they may not be yours as well). 
    U of T – Pros– finding work and networking in Toronto is probably easier than Ottawa– world renowned uni– experience of living in the city
    U of T – Cons– no co-op– expensive living & limited housing after first year– large campus (more walking)

    Carleton – Pros– co-op option– small & isolated campus from downtown (could be a bad thing depending on person)– underground tunnel all across campus (don't have to walk outside in winter lol)– decent cost of living (not dirt cheap but not as bad as downtown Toronto)
    Carleton – Cons– small & isolated campus from downtown (could be a good thing depending on person)

    As well, you should search up how many years your masters will be post undergrad. I know for U of T it is a 3 year program, and I believe Carleton for the design stream, the masters is 2. Definitely research that, don't trust my guess. lol. Let me know what you decide! I have until June 1st and would appreciate the insight on your decision. 

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