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Can’t decide between psych, health sci, and kin for UNDERGRAD

I’m in grade 12 right now and hopefully planning to go into grad school for either Speech, Physio, or Occupational therapy.

The top 3 undergrad options I’m trying to decided between are:
1. Health science
2. Kinesiology
3. Psychology(maybe with a health sci minor?) at Brescia

My main priorities are:
– Maintaining a high GPA so I can get into grad school
– Have enough time to volunteer 15-ish hours a week so I can get my hours requirement for it

Health sci has a data requirement which I don’t have and I’m worried because i’ve tried to take it in summer school but my mark was in the mid 80 mark so I dropped it. So, I might have to go give data another try if health sci is the one. I’m better at multiple choice style compared to essays- so that’s to keep in mind.

I’m a mid 80-s student in bio/chem and I thoroughly don’t believe I would enjoy studying stuff like microbiology, I’m not the best at it no matter how hard I try. So with that said, which of these undergrads do you believe is a good choice to help me get into grad school? ALSO what about the actual grad programs, I can’t decide between SLP, PT and OT. I tried looking into the job market for each and they all seem to have a an equal set of advantage-disadvantage ratio. I want to actually be able to find a job- so no going into an over saturated field.

Any advice from Mustangs or ANYONE that is in/has heard of these programs? THANK YOU SO MUCH

1 Answer

  1. Those programs are all pretty much the same at the undergraduate level. You can google them and read up on the courses you take in each, depending on which school you applied to. There is no hard or easy program here, as it largely comes down to your strengths and weaknesses, study habits, and the TAs/professors marking you. The good news is that you don't need medical school, law school, dental school, or pharmacy school level grades to get into OT, Physio, or Speech language pathology. Physio will be the most difficult to get into, and generally people go into OT because they could not get into physio. Speech language is the easiest of the three to get into. You can probably decide on careers after seeing which ones you can actually get into based on your university marks. – you can do more research on the different areas here

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