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Cance of getting into Waterloo Math/CA

Hello, I just wondering do I have chance to get into waterloo Math/Ca? Advance function: 85 (Having surgery so I miss half of the semester and still do all the test and exam) Calculus: 88 Band: 98 ( The highest mark in our school) Vocal: 97 accounting:89 planning to do Health and nutrition, data management and English next year. If I exclude the accounting( because they only see two M courses) my average is like 92, and I hope after I finished two others U courses, my average can still be in the range 92-93. Extracurricular activity: xxxx principal at Toronto Symphony youth orchestra, school golf club captain, events coordinator, bunch of music award, volunteering in different churches, planning to join DACA next year, etc Do I have any chance to get in?  I’m so nervous lol. Thanks for those who reply me!  

1 Answer

  1. Only 65 students are admitted to the Math/CPA program, so I would err on the side of caution and get at least a 95%. I’d also demonstrate more accounting-related extra-curriculars. The adcomm wants to know that you’re pretty certain accounting is for you, by seeing that you have first-hand experience.

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