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Canadian universities

I am an international student who is studying in Canadian high school and I am graduating this June. I have applied to the Canadian universities in Bachelor of science, specifically biochemistry, and I have an average of 80% of GPA (B) for grade 11 and I am currently taking Grade 12 courses. Right now I have 94% of Biology 12, 92% of chemistry 12, 71% of English 12, and 79% of Physics 12.   Currently I didn’t get any offer from the universities and I am so stressed rn   Do u guys think I can get offer from the Canadian universities?   ** I have applied to Victoria Calgary Guelph Dalhousie and other2 universities in Canada

1 Answer

  1. Uh, yeah, you will, dude…eventually. Do you not know that we’re in the midst of a worldwide plague right now, or have you been living under a rock? Also, why would you pay like 4x the cost for international tuition on a worthless biochem degree?

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