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Canadian Permanent Resident but living abroad (OSAP)

Hey! I am a new Canadian Permanent Resident, Only lived in Saskatchewan for 3 months and then moved to Pakistan and never stayed in Ontario and submitted tax returns for 2019 as well. I have applied and been accepted to one year Masters in Computer Networks at Ryerson University for this Fall 2020 and am in the process of applying for OSAP. They asked for residency documents, since I am living outside Canada and never lived in Ontario, what can I do? Is there a chance to still get the loan? If not now, can I apply after I start my masters in September for the second and third semester? Also, Fall session (Sept-Dec) classes would be online If I pay first semester fees from my savings and attend classes by staying in Pakistan as it would be online classes and then I will land in Ontario in December before start of second semester, can I apply for OSAP right after landing in Ontario? If my OSAP will approve in this condition I will get funding for second and third semester only or I will get funding for the first semester as well. Any feedback or help would be greatly appreciated.

2 Answers

  1. Unless you’ve lived in Canada for at least 730 days over the past five years: you cannot declare yourself as a permanent resident. This means that you will not qualify for OSAP. If you haven’t met the requirements for PR status, then no, you won’t be able to apply for it in your second or third semester. If your program is being conducted entirely remotely for the first semester, then yes, you can do it anywhere with access to a computer and Internet connection. Again, you don’t meet the requirements, so you can’t apply after landing in ON. You will have to find funding through other means since you aren’t eligible.

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    • I believe there is a clause that may allow this person to secure an OSAP loan.

      “Ontario is the last province you have lived in for 12 months in a row without being a full-time post-secondary student or
      you live in Ontario now AND have lived in Canada for less than 12 months in a row”

      Since OP has not lived in Canada for more then 12 months, he/she will be eligible. However he/she would have to first land in Ontario, get an address, and then apply. So there is not point trying to do anything now as there is no way you can get an OSAP loan without an Ontario address.

      If OSAP is not possible, try to look into other loan options, our Federal Interest rate is 0.25%. You can get loans for rates as low as 2.5% as a student here.

      May I ask why you didn’t decide to move to Canada after applying for immigration? Just wondering cause it’s a lot of hurdles to obtain a PR.

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