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Can you get into computer science or biological science with a 85-90 percent average?

I want to get into a med school so I was wondering if I could get into computer science or biological science as a major with a 85 to 90 percent average in grade 11 or 12? also do universities look at grade 11 marks?

2 Answers

  1. Lol, comp sci is a notorious GPA killer known for its astronomical dropout rate and you wanna go to med school with that program? You do realize that most comp sci students struggle to even pass, right?

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  2. Hi!

    Hopefully I can help answer your question. The entrance requirement for computer science or biological science programs varies from university to university, so I would suggest that you research the programs you’re interested in and check out their requirements. An 85-90% is great by the ways and can get you into a multitude of programs, so don’t get down on yourself.

    Also, as for your second question, yes, universities can look at your grade 11 marks, but usually only do when looking at early acceptance. More emphasis is placed on your grade 12 marks.

    And some word of advice, unless you do find their answers helpful, take hzll0’s responses with a grain of salt, as most tend to be meritless shoddy trolls. There is nothing that says entering a computer science program with “notoriously” kill your GPA. What determines what’ll “kill” you in the end is your work ethic and enjoyment of your program. Like you, I am planning to apply to medical school and am currently a first year computer science student. I enjoy what I learn and would say that I have pretty decent work ethic, so a good GPA seems to come easy for me. Some of my peers are likely in university for the sake of being in university. So, I would suggest you look into the various programs you’re thinking about and think to yourself, “is this something that I’ll enjoy or am I considering this for some other reason”.

    Hope that helps and good luck in your future endeavors!

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