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hiii! I am gonna to sit in the Canadian Senior Maths Contest in the coming Nov, its a Waterloo maths contest. And I was wondering if i did badly on the contest, will it negatively affect my Waterloo application?? Thanks!

4 Answers

  1. no if u do bad on it, it won’t affect ur application. Still try ur best on it i dont remember the application process for waterloo but im pretty sure there is a way that they see if u did this contest or nah, idk tho but ik for sure if u do bad it wont affect u.

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  2. No, dude. Read UW’s admissions guidelines. They say if you do it and perform well, it will only favour your application. If you do poorly, they will treat it like if you didn’t do it at all, which is the position that most applicants are in.

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