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can I switch Compsci. programs between from UTM to other univ. if I don’t make the cut?

I am currently a 1st year student in Comp. Sci. Since everything is on-line i am finding it extremely difficult with proofs, and there is a hard 73 cut off i think i wont make. i am passionate about computer science, and want to major in it. if i dont make the cut will other comp sci. progras accept UTM credits so that I can still major in comp sci. what univ. are a best transfer option? Queens, Ryerson?

2 Answers

  1. See, the thing about transferring is that it’s actually much harder than applying directly from high school? Why? Because far fewer transfer seats are available and getting a high GPA in university is much more difficult than in high school. If you are unable to get a B- average at UTM, you will unlikely be able to transfer to comp sci at any other school, as most people have a B+/A- average at minimum to transfer successfully.

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  2. With a B average, you can certainly transfer to other schools. I don’t know about Queen’s, but Ryerson and other less competitive schools is a possibility. However, I would do my best to stay at UTM because a computer science degree from U of T is valued very differently than one from other schools.

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