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Can I still get accepted Into Rotman, HELP IM STRESSED

Hey everyone, I am currently in grade 12, I want to apply for business schools such as Rotman, Ivey, etc.. Mainly Rotman. My school just started, and I didnt do so well on my first Advanced Functions test due to some family issues I was facing, couldn’t focus on studies at all, plus I was dealing with some personal issues. I got all 100 on my quiz and assignments but on my test I bombed it and got a 60.

My first sem right now:
English: 95
Advanced Function: 56
Black studies: 97

Next Sem:
Data Management:
Business leadership
Business Entrepreneurship
I can easily get a 95+ average next sem 

I am really worried and stressed since I didnt do so well on my first Advanced function test, but I know for a fact I can get 85-90 for rest of my tests,quizzes and exams. I was wondering, since I have such low Advanced function mark and cant really bring it to a 90 anymore, will I still have a chance of getting accepted into Rotman? I can try my best and bring my mark to 70 at most by midterm. Please help what can I do?

Note: My school just started it has only been 2 weeks

12 Answers

  1. Chill it's only September got a few months before you even start applying to schools.

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  2. Firstly, stop with the excuses. Family issues made you perform poorly in just math but you have a 95 in English and 97 in Black Studies? Give me a break. This excuse certainly won't matter to any of the universities you apply to. 
    I would drop the course and retake it next semester. But as it stands you probably won't get into Rotman. Rotman is a math-intensive program so they care a lot about your math grades. Students who aren't that good in math are the ones who struggle and end up dropping out in Rotman's first year. Your low math mark is a red flag to the admissions committee who wouldn't want to take that kind of chance with you, when high caliber students apply to the program with strong math grades. They want a minimum of mid-high 80 in calculus, and I can't imagine them turning a blind eye to a 60-70% in advanced functions. Deal with the reality moving forward and if you still want to get into a program like Rotman, figure out what you can do. 
    Your best option right now would be to drop the course and retake it later on.

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  3. Lol, I failed Gr.11 math and have a 3.9+ GPA in university right now – although in an arts program (goal is law school). Some people are weak at pure math. The good thing is that you don't need advanced functions in business, though you certainly need to be good at math for Rotman. OP should go into a business program that doesn't have as many math requirements.

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  4. ^
    Math in business ofc wont really follow advance functions but I can tell you for sure that statistics is way more harder than any proof class students take.

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  5. You should learn to be calm and try to be balanced in your mind. I know it’s hard but it’s quite possible, the main thing is that you know how to do it and with what

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