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Can I secure Early Admission?

Currently, I am a Grade 11 student. I am thinking to apply to Western Science and Health Science, UOttawa Biology and Telfer (Finance and Management) and quite possibly McMaster for Life Sci or Guelph.  

My grades are the following:  
English3U: 78  
Chemistry3U: 91 

Predicted marks for this semester 
French3U 85+
Physics3U 90+ 
Biology3U 88+ 
Religion3M 85+ 

 French3U and Religion3u are mandatory since I go to a french first language high school which is catholic. I see that most students get Early Acceptance to programs but have Grade 11 averages in the 90s. Can I get into any of the programs that I want to apply for early admission.

6 Answers

  1. Early admission is different for every school. Some schools like Guelph will accept before the new year while other more competitive ones will only release "early admissions" as early as January or February.Now to answer your question, yes you will likely get early admission to multiple programs in that list as they seem to have low 80s admissions. The general rule is that if you're about 10% above that necessary average then you'll be given early acceptance. This doesn't mean you get to slack off though. They can withdraw the offer any time until they receive your final sem 2 marks. so you still need to get the grade 12 grades as well.The only real benefit to "early acceptance" is that you'll have an idea of where you're going a couple of months sooner than some of your friends. Other than that, it's not a big deal.

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  2. Your average, with your predicted marks and English (since english is a prerequisite), is an 88 so you can definitely get early acceptance to at least Telfer. However, the prerequisites are all 4Us, so I can't guarantee early acceptance, you will most likely get your acceptances in second semester of Grade 12, which is normal.

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