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Can I change programs during first year university?

Hey guys, what I want to know is is it possible to change programs (your degree path) at anytime during your undergraduate or first year? For example, what if I decide to take psychology in my first year but then decide environmental science was where I wanted to be. Could I switch into the science program? And what if I had never taken the high school prerequisites (Grade 12 Sciences High School), would I still be able to switch into that stream?

4 Answers

  1. Lots of students change their minds with regards to their intended major. More and more universities are making this possible by offering more general and open first years. Having said that, you will still need to meet the prerequisite course requirements so if you want to go from social sciences to environmental sciences, you will still need the prerequisite high school courses. Many schools offer the equivalence to grade 12U courses in a wide range of subjects but having to start from scratch would mean a) adding another year of study (which would put you 2 years behind) and b) adding significant more costs including the fact that you are now paying to take courses that were free in high school. Your best bet if you are uncertain of your path is to keep your options open in high school by taking a well rounded curriculum in math, science, and humanities/social sciences. If you truly are torn between Psychology and Environmental Sciences I would encourage you at the very least to take Adv Functions, Biology, and Chemistry. You are much better off doing a B.Sc. in either field rather than a B.A. and a B.Sc. will most likely require those courses. Also, many social sciences and science courses, even if undertaken as a B.A. will require you to take at least 1 statistics course which may have a grade 12U math prerequisite.

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  2. Um, of course it’s possible to change your major at “any time.” There are kids that take 10 years to complete their undergrad degree, if not longer. It’s not uncommon. Plus, the longer you stretch out your studies, the more money they make, and universities are a business at the end of the day. First year for arts and science is a general year, dude. No one declares their major until the end of the first year. Do some research. This overt lack of awareness is extremely lazy on your part.

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