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Can I Apply for Universities in Grade 11?

Soooo I’m really really really done with high school. I have a lot of credits so that by the end of grade 11 I’ll only need one more to graduate. (I need 30 to receive my diploma and I’ll have 29).  My question is: If I complete an extra credit in summer school and graduate, do I have to apply to unis after summer and then wait a year to enter university? Or would I be able to apply in advance?  

1 Answer

  1. I mean, if you already had the grade 12 marks to apply, then you would’ve already done so earlier, not in the summer. You can’t just apply in the summer and expect to start school in the fall, that’s not how it works. Some schools will allow you to start in the winter semester as a freshman (january), but this is rare. You’ll usually have to wait until the next year. Just spend your off-time working full-time to earn some $$$.

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