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Calling out to Schulich students! (:

Hey! I’ll be joining BBA this fall (: I need some advice. Would you recommend choosing a Fall cohort schedule that contains SB/MGMT 1030 ( Marketing Management) and a Winter schedule containing SB/MKTG 1030 ( History of Capitalism: Structures, Agents, Artifacts) OR vice versa. Also, what are some bird courses you’d recommend? I have my eye on ECON 1530, but I need one more elective! Also, I’m building my schedule on Virtual Schedule Builder right now and it shows a bunch of campuses -Keele, Glendon, Off Campus, Sheridan Trafalgar, Ryerson, Catholic Education Centre, Seneca at York.  Which campuses would you recommend that would be convenient for me to take courses in, as I’ll be living on res (Ponds res).  Thank you! (:

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