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Calculus 12 Mark Help!!

Hi, I am a current student residing in BC who is applying to UBC, Queens, Mcmaster, UWaterloo, Uottawa, SFU, and Western for Business-Commerce. (Not too sure about UofT yet..) My top choices are Queens and UBC Sauder! Mathematics has never been one of my strong points throughout my life, but I am passionate about pursuing a career in business (my backup plan is law). 

However, I feel like my Calculus 12 mark may be hindering my ability to gain admission to university. 

Sidenote: I think I have pretty good ECs including winning business case competitions, exec positions is various organizations and business conference planning committees, volunteering and leading school clubs. 

My projected term 1 marks are:
Law: 100 
French: 90 
AP Literature: 94 
Pre-calc: 95 
AP Bio: 93 
AP Psych: 94 
Chem: 93 
Calculus: 80 (This is my biggest concern, I really do find the material quite difficult) 

I am applying early action, where term 1 marks will be looked at. 

However, my calculus teacher does have a policy where if I do well on the Mid-term in December (which is term 2) that mark will replace the lowest test mark previously, which is good since there was a test that I did extremely bad on, so I guess there will be a chance for improvement, but then would I be considered for regular action

Will my calculus mark substantially hinder my ability to get in and what are some tips to improve it? 

Thank you!!

2 Answers

  1. Don't go into any quantitative-heavy business program (accounting, finance, etc.) if you can't do high school math. You'll get anally violated. Also, law isn't a backup plan.

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