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Calculating Top 6 marks

I am planning on apply early for all my schools although not all of them accept early. Top 5 university for Kin: UBC (double major with Kin and Buissness), McMaster, Queens, Western, and Brock. I am taking Advance functions this summer so I wonder if they will take my grade 12 Advance Functions and grade 11 Fuctions mark. All of them are U or M courses Grade 11 marks
  • Functions 97
  • Law 83
  • Psychology 88
  • English 88
  • Physics 85
  • Vietnamese 87
  • Biology 94
  • Chemistry 90
  • Religion 88
  • Music 95
Advance function summer school mark guessing to be 92 (being safe here) What would be my average for applying early to schools like Queens, Western, Brock, and I believe UBC (think they accept early for Kin)?

2 Answers

  1. Whatever the prereqs are for those programs, will definitely be included in your average, and take your next highest marks until you get your top 6 (I think it might be a bit different for ubc). They’ll put more emphasis on your grade 12 functions mark compared to your grade 11 mark. Keep in mind even if you apply early, that doesn’t mean you’re going to get early acceptance, the schools may want to wait until you have more grade 12 marks before they accept you.

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  2. Dude, this is too premature. You only have one gr. 12 course about to be completed, everything else is irrelevant. Forget about your gr. 11 past and wait until your interim gr. 12 marks come out first.

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