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Business School Admission Chances?

I’m wondering what universities I have a good chance of getting accepted into.
My current grade 12 top 6 with projected grades are:
1.English- 95 (Completed)
2.Advanced Functions- 90
3.Data Management- 88
4.International Business- 95
5. Calculus (Projected 92 )
6.Any other course (Projected 90)

Extra Curriculars: Student council Vice President, VP of finance for junior achievement company, religious organization assistant teacher and active volunteer, vice president of a cultural club.

I have applied to Queens Commerce, Shulich, Rotman, Mcmaster IBH. Which ones will I get into from these four. If you believe I don’t have a good chance please give feedback and what I could improve on:) Thank you

2 Answers

  1. Hey bud, Queens Commerce you need at least an 87 to be considered, I don’t know how strong your extracurriculars are or you PSE was but I know someone who got in last year with their minimum average requirement, 87. I know one person who got into Rotman Commerce last year with an 89.7, this is very rare though, they usually accept in the 90s. I know two people who got into Schulich with high 80’s last year, one I don’t know his average the other was 89.7. Try this website . Cudo provides the entering averages of the students for each specific program at all Ontario Universities. Hope this helps.

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  2. Hey there, from my 10+ years experience helping students get admitted to the top programs in Canada (including QC, from where I graduated 9 years ago), I’d say you have an okay chance. Your marks meet the cutoff, so your PSE will get reviewed. However, your extra-curriculars are very similar to other students. Nearly all students who apply to QC are in DECA, JA, Student Council, etc. so it’s essential to differentiate. I’d have to read your essays to understand your actual candidacy, but that’s my high level analyses.

    Shoot me a line on LinkedIn or Facebook if you have any other questions.

    Nothing but the best,
    Co-founder, CampusRankings (acquired by yconic)
    Former management consultant and Queen’s Commerce alum

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