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Business degrees/majors that don’t require Math

Hey, so I’m interested in business and law and see these two as potential future careers. Since theres no required undergraduate degree in Canada needed for law school I want to pursue something in business that does not require Grade 12 math. Im not the best in math and didn’t take it in grade 12 as I don’t want to bring my average down. Im interested in the marketing/entrepreneurial side of business and I don’t really know any degrees/ majors relating to these that don’t require math. I feel this would be a good major for me because its something i’m interested in, its a good degree for law school and lastly if I change my mind in the future about law school this is a good degree for me to get a job. I guess what i’m trying to say is does anyone know any business related courses that DON’T REQUIRE GRADE 12 math, calculus or vectors in any Ontario Universities?

3 Answers

  1. No, it doesn’t exist. Every business program requires math because you will need to know how to interpret financial documents and perform calculations. This is like asking if you can become an open heart surgeon without ever encountering blood. Even the least quantitative majors like marketing will require math. Also, it’s one of the least employable business degrees you can get since there are kids with gender studies degrees that work in marketing.

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