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Brock vs. Queens- Picking a School

Hi all. 
I’m in my final year of high school and am looking to become a high school teacher in the future. I’d like to go into a concurrent education program instead of consecutive. 
From the schools I toured, I only found two with true con-ed programs (these schools being Brock and Queens). Are these the only two schools with a true con-ed program?
Now for my dilemma. 
Brock is significantly closer to where I currently live, making it a more realistic option as I have a horse at home and need to come home at least once or twice a week to see her. Aside from distance, I liked the atmosphere and size of Brock’s campus. I was pretty set on going there until doing some investigating and seeing a lot of hate on these kinds of forums. Is it not worth it? My average in grade 11 was about an 89%, if that means anything. 
I really liked Queens as well, but its easily a 4 hour drive from home for me. I know it’s a more reputable school, and obviously has the prestigious name and reputation. 
In the end, I just want the best education possible. 
What is really going to determine my job prospects? Do employers pay much attention to the school I attend? 
Just as a side note, I am already planning on moving to a less densely populated place after university to make it easier to find a teaching job. 

7 Answers

  1. What are you planning on teaching? First grade social studies? Good luck with that. Just get any bachelor's degree, do your TEFL, then dip to South Korea. Forget about a useless BEd.

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  2. Just as a side note, I am already planning on moving to a less densely populated place after university to make it easier to find a teaching job.

    Good. At least you seem to be aware of how difficult it is to get a full-time teaching job now. 
    Go to Brock. Teachers don't make a lot of money, especially when you're starting out, so you want to get your education done spending as little as possible. Schools and the Ministry of Education couldn't give a rat's ass where you went for teacher's college. Prestige means absolutely nothing when you're becoming a teacher. Teaching is not a prestigious profession and nobody cares where you got your BEd. This is the truth. 
    Yes, Brock's reputation is not at the level of Queen's, but this is because Queen's has Smith School of business (top 5 business school in Canada), a law school and medical school. Brock doesn't have these programs and their business school is just average. Again, none of this matters in your case because of the above-mentioned reasons. 
    Source: I have friends and family who went into teaching.

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