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Brock Accounting Difficulty

Hi, I know there are threads similar to what I’m asking but they all seem pretty old and things are constantly changing. Sorry in advance if anyone finds this to be repetitive. So I am planning on applying to Brock’s accounting program next year (hopefully after the Coronavirus pandemic blows over) and I was wondering how difficult is their program? Historically, I am pretty bad at math (usually in the 60s and 70s range) but this year was particularly rough since there were a lot of teachers strikes which took away valuable school time and there were a lot of things going on at home. This year I got a 52 in advanced functions, 64 in Calc, 82 in chem, 81 in econ, 71 in English, and a 91 in comms tech which is a mixed course. However, during the last 6 months of quarantine, I retook all my math and English courses on OVS which is a private virtual school to which I managed to pull a 91 in adv function, 96 in calc, and a 94 in English. Now I read somewhere that people who bought their marks typically end up regretting it but since I’m not going to uni until next year and I’m going back to high school for a half-semester, I will be revisiting both math courses in addition to taking data management in order to further prepare myself for things to come. Also, one thing you guys should know about me is that during my 4 years of high school, I have never been to any parties. If I were to continue my trend of not going to parties and studying really hard say like 5~6 hours daily and 6~7 on weekends, could I make it in this program?

4 Answers

  1. Only you will know the answer to this. You say that you don’t have a trackrecord of doing well in math, and continue by saying you had to private school those courses. For accounting, you definitely don’t wanna horse around with your math grades because that’s really the sole dictator of how well or poorly you’ll do in the program. Accounting is completely quantitative, if you don’t shine in this area, rethink your options.

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  2. Find something else. Seriously. I know a ton of accountants and all of them are good at math. It is a math heavy field. You are working with numbers all day, everyday. If you are not good at high school math, you certainly should not buy your math grades in private school and go into a field that requires math. You won’t make it past the first year in university.

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  3. I graduated from university with a degree in accounting and business finance. I have a bachelor’s degree in this specialty. But I haven’t worked a day at this job. Because when I left the university I realized that I was absolutely not interested in it. But I am not upset that I spent 6 years studying. It just took me 6 years to understand that I don’t like accounting.

    Don’t be afraid to make a mistake!

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  4. For accounting, you definitely don’t wanna horse around with your math grades because that’s really the sole dictator of how well or poorly you’ll do in the program. buy instagram followers singapore

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