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Bishop’s university- International studies

I’m planning to go to Bishops university in International studies. It looks like a really awesome school with great spirit!
I was wondering if anybody could tell me more about how it is (preferably by a student who goes there). If you are from another school you can skip this post: ) 

1-Like do you have to do a semester abroad or an internship?
2-How is the program designed (lots of reading? lots of written assignments or more in-class exams?)
3- Is Bishops really a party-all-the-time school? 
4-Is there good faculty for the International studies?

Thanks a lot!

3 Answers

  1. I'm going to my second year at Bishop's! I'm not in international studies but I can still answer some of your questions. Bishop's is a great place to do your studies especially an undergrad program. There is so much opportunity to do a lot of different things such as internships and travelling abroad. For example, I'm a biology student and I'm applying to do an internship at the local hospital in Sherbrooke. I also plan to study abroad in my third year. The school will often cover the travel expenses if your marks are decent and you pay tuition as usual. As for the partying scene…..I like to say that the motto is "work hard, play hard". You can bet that on Thursdays and Saturday nights (that's right, nothing goes on on Fridays..) we party hard and have a lot of fun. But I can assure you that during exams and midterm seasons you'll be so bored that you'll want to study….NOTHING goes on because everyone is buckling down to get their work done. Another thing to note is that getting drunk and going out is not a requirement. There are plenty of things always going on that don't involve this sort of thing. In fact, our frosh week not only offers events involved with drinking but also alternative things that don't involve any of this. At Bishop's there is a place for anyone with any interest and any personality. There will be people like you with your interests no matter what they are. I'm always proud to say I got to Bishop's because it's such an inclusive school. I hope I could give you a feel for how Bishop's is. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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  2. 100% spend the money and live in residence for first year. It's very rare for a first year to live off campus at bishop's. If you want to keep expenses down, consider a traditional style residence such as Mackinnon or Norton/Pollack. For my first year I lived in one of the bog-style rooms and it was sooo awesome because of the semi-private bathroom and more privacy but it did break the bank at about 1200$ a month for rez+meal plan. Definitely live on campus for first year tho! Youll see that its pretty much all first years and that youll meet people a lot quicker. Plus, living off campus would require you to find roommates. After first year, youll already have a good idea of some people that you'll want to live with and it'll make things so much easier. If you never lived on your own before, rez is the perfect transition to prepare you for it if you decide to live off-campus in second year.

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