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Best for Med School: MedSci WITH guaranteed research position or HealthSci

Hi guys, I applied to 3 programs at Mac and 3 programs at Western and recently recieved letters of early acceptance to all three at Western (all at Mac require supplementary apps).
  • Medsci (uwo)- accepted
  • General Sci (uwo)- accepted
  • Engineering (uwo)- accepted
  • Health Sciences (mac)-pending
  • Ibiomed (mac)- pending
  • iSci (mac)- pending
Ultimately, the only question is which one is better for medical school. I know that healthsci (if I’m even accepted) has a crazy good med school acceptance rate, but I’m from London and did a high school co-op with Lawson and LHSC. They really liked me and promised me a position in their lab as soon as I turn 18, perhaps even payment. I guess my questions are:
  • How hard is it to find research positions if I go to mac for healthsci or ibiomed? Would I be able to work ahead of the game and get positions first year as I have set up for me at Western? Is it even worth it?
Additional notes:
  • my average is currently about a 96% and I do loads of extracurriculars. I’m good  enough at math but it requires more effort than all my courses and I’ve been told that the math in MedSci is much more difficult than that in HealthSci.

2 Answers

  1. Sorry to break it to you, but there’s no way in hell you’ll be getting any research positions as an undergrad, especially when you’re only a freshman. There are grad students that are even struggling to find them, why would they open them to someone with only a barebones science background? Also, it’s pretty obvious you should go to Mac for health sci if you get in, it’s virtually a golden ticket to med school since grade inflation in the program is so high. The only problem is getting a seat in the program.

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  2. 1) Med Sci is a better program if you want to pursue research and academia. This is different from admissions into a professional program like medical school. You can get into medicine with any degree and prior research and hospital volunteering experience is not a prerequisite. I know someone with a commerce degree in U of T med right now. Focus on where you can get the highest grades because this is really the only thing that matters to get you a med school interview.

    2) If you get into Mac health sci. you’d be a fool to not accept it. It has a high med school acceptance rate simply because of its grade inflation. Almost everyone in the program comes out with a 3.9+ GPA. This is not the case for Western med sci. That program weeds out students in first and second year and doesn’t start until the 3rd year.

    3) If you want med school, why are you applying to engineering programs?

    4) You need to do some more research into just how competitive med school admissions are.



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