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Beedie vs BMOS vs Rotman

Hi everyone, I’m now a Gr 12 student with a GPA around 92-93.

I recently received a few conditional offers from SFU Beedie, Western BMOS (not AEO), McMaster DeGroot, and UT Rotman. 
I heard that Rotman has a really competitive environment with a huge number of students per class, so I’m not sure if I can even survive its first year.
I also heard that it is not that difficult to transfer from BMOS to Ivey, but I’m not sure if that is correct.
I do know that I could get a decent GPA in Beedie. (I guess)
So my preferred options now are SFU Beedie and UT Rotman, but I’m still not sure about which one I should go.

My questions are:
How hard is it for a BMOS student to enter Ivey?
How hard is it for a Rotman student to enter Ivey?
Which university should I choose?

Any suggestions and/or comments are welcome!
Thank you!!!

3 Answers

  1. Obviously you’d have a better shot if you were already at UWO to begin with, but it also depends on the program because your GPA will differ. BMOS is likely going to be the easier route than Rotman.

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  2. Lol, you have a 92-93 average and didn’t apply to better programs? How about Waterloo AFM coop, Queen’s commerce, UTSC management coop, Schulich, and Laurier BBA coop? Good luck with BMOS and Beedie.

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