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BAD gr 11 physics marks count for university?

Hello everyone, Iam a graded 10 student who is going to attend David Suzuki SS starting from september 2020, I took gr 11 physics in gr 10 at Fletchers Meadow SS And i did really bad. I ended with 56. Iam  worried because I dont know if the university’s i want to get into (all for aerospace engineering) will accept that mark. the university’s iam going for a Carleton, Ryerson and UofT Carleton requires a 60 in all perquisite courses Ryerson and UofT require a 70 in a ll prerequisite courses. But there are people telling me that gr 11 marks only matter afor early admission and that mostly everything is gr 12 marks should i retake gr 11 physics or not?

3 Answers

  1. You’re right, grade 11 marks only matter for early admission. If you can get your grade 12 mark up, you’ll be fine, maybe just review your grade 11 course instead of retaking it. But since you barely passed grade 11 physics, why do you want to pursue engineering?

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  2. Dude, that is a massive wake up call. If you barely passed gr. 11 physics, then you have absolutely no business trying to pursue engineering. You will get demolished in the rear end by all of your profs if you got in. Also, why are you so quick to assume you’ll do so much better in gr. 12 physics when it only gets exponentially more difficult? You need to re-think your career plans right now.

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  3. Hi Krishna, here is the deal. You can find program admissions requirements directly on the school websites. Getting in is the easy part. What you need to concern yourself with is actually SUCCEEDING once you get to post-secondary. High school is a joke compared to uni so if you are performing poorly in physics and your other courses at the junior high school level, this just tells you that you should not be pursuing these subjects in university. Dropout rates are high in uni and you do not want to waste time and money pursuing something you are only going to fail out of. So I would take a long and hard look at yourself and your capabilities. Whatever you decide to pursue after high school, make sure that you can succeed in it. Finally, you need to improve your English. It matters a lot in Canada. You will need to write well even if you go into a STEM program over an arts program. Look, kid, it is still early for you but you need to look at this more long-term. If you barely passed Gr.11 physics, how are you going to handle 6 courses a semester in a university-level engineering program? And semesters are shorter in uni too – September-December and January-April. Thus, you are expected to handle a high workload in a shorter period of time. My advice. Either improve or find a different career path. Engineering is all physics and if you are barely passing high school physics, you have absolutely no business going into engineering. You’ll flunk out in the first semester.

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