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Bachelor’s degree in science

Hello I’m an international student and have a high school average of 84. i want to apply to a program in science in Ontario universities but i dont know what schools could my average get me. if you guys could help i’d appreciate it. thanks.

6 Answers

  1. Depending on which country you’re from, an 84% average in your country may be considered better or worse than an Ontario 84% average. Assuming your average is somewhat similar to an Ontario 84%, here are Ontario university programs with the keyword “science” and filtered for a 80-85% or lower expected admissions average:

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  2. First of all, why would you pay inflated tuition for a BSc degree when it’s an unemployable degree? Second, we don’t even know if travel restrictions will be lifted by September, so it’s really still a gamble as things are currently up in the air.

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